Friday, October 19, 2007

My First Post - Ever

My name is Oliver and this is my first post in a blog just for kidz.

I took this picture of a toy Frankenstein this morning, because I like to take pictures. I took a lot of pictures today and I colored pictures. And, sometimes I color pictures on the computer.


Madison Wert said...

Hi Oliver
I hope I see you soon, I miss you, I love to play in your room. Oliver I love to play at your house all the time even when I am in New York. I hope to see you soon
Love Madison

OPP said...

Hi Madison - I would like palying in your house too, if I could go to New York. Madison, I'll be a Ninja Turtle for Halloween. When I come visit you, I can bring my Ninga Turtle costume. Oh - I am Leonardo, he's the leader of the ninja turtles.